Treat yourself to the best in slate snooker tables with a little help from Riley!

If you’re a real snooker fan looking out for your first – or perhaps a replacement – table, then you could do much worse than take a quick look at the Riley website. One of the biggest names in the history of cue sports manufacturing, the company boasts tremendous experience in the production of cues and a range of tables for all kinds of cue sports, from American pool to English billiards, Russian Pyramid and of course snooker. Riley’s speciality, and the product on which it has built its reputation, is definitely the full-size slate snooker table. This is the ultimate in snooker technology, and indeed relies on both high-tech tools and more old-fashioned craftsmanship to produce a table that’s of quite superb quality. The actual slate used in the table – which is the main component of the ‘playfield’ and therefore one of the most important elements to make up any table – is sourced from Italy. This slate is laser-cut to create five separate pieces of slate from the same slab with down-to-the-last-millimetre accuracy. This delivers a totally seamless playfield, as no filler is used in the process and there are no joints or lips – it’s quite simply every snooker player’s dream!